Modular Governance Training - Overview


The clear majority of project failures have a behavioural signature associated with them and are due more to human failings in the Project Team and the Governance than errors in the process.

Theia Training Modules have been designed specifically for Project Sponsors, SROs and Steering Groups.  These key individuals and groups often see themselves as custodians of the process rather than ensuring that all aspects of the project are functioning in a positive manner.  The element which is often overlooked is the people dimension.

Theia Governance Training has been constructed of 7 stand-alone teaching modules, each of 3 to 4 hours duration.  Each Module has a common theme of improving the effectiveness of delegates consisting of elements/group exercises to develop core communication skills, in particular, active listening, having the courageous conversation, observation and questioning.


"The smart ones ask when they don't know. and, sometimes when they do."

Malcolm Forbes


The Modules are:

MODULE 1b: GOVERNANCE AND THE PROGRAMME BOARD - the importance of timely, reliable and relevant information. Steering Committees/Boards are often formed with more regard to positional relevance and job title than experience and ability to contribute. Yet, the role of the Steering Committee is fundamental to the success of the Project.  We examine the configuration, responsibility and process of effective governance.  In addition, using our Project Board Efficacy (PBE) assessment tool we can help Project Sponsors and SROs to form the most effective team.

MODULE 2: AVOIDING FAILURE - Ask the right questions.  We have undertaken a great deal of research into the underlying causes of project failure and some common themes emerge.  
The themes are explored in more detail and extracts from various post-project reports or 'inquiries' are used to illustrate the salient points.  Rather than focus on the 'problems', we work with the course members to derive 'the questions to ask' to identify potential problem areas and determine what needs to change.

MODULE 3: DECISION-MAKING - the importance of Understanding and the effects of bias.


MODULE 5: GAMES PROJECTS PLAY - An introduction to Patterns of Behaviour and  dysfunction at the Steering Group level.

MODULE 6: MISINFORMATION, MISCOMMUNICATION & MISFITS - Dysfunctional Patterns of Behaviour.  In this module, each behaviour, in turn, is uniquely identified and broken down into:

  • Name and Descriptor

  • Sequence of Events or Common Root Causes

  • Implications to the Programme or Project

  • Suggested Solution(s)

  • Specific Learning Points for Project Board

Where appropriate, each behaviour is supplemented and illustrated by Report 'extracts' and examples.

MODULE 7: FOUNDATIONS OF AGILE GOVERNANCE - At the end of this module, individuals and groups will be more engaged and proactive in the governance of Agile projects through a better understanding of the concepts and issues.


A Theia Training Consultant will be happy to work with you to determine the right mix of Modules for your organisation. 


Another course has recently been designed for members of Portfolio Panels.  Please Contact Us for more information.


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